Alessandra Isidoro, MA, Ayurvedic Therapist, Hatha Yoga, Mindfulness & Holistic Techniques Instructor

Alessandra Isidoro began studying Hatha Yoga while completing a Masters in Sociology at "Carlo Bo" in Urbino, Italy in 2005. She went on to earn a teaching diploma at the Abhijna School of Yoga in Varkala (Kerala, India) and the YogaPeeth in Rishikesh (Uttharkand, India) both overseen by Yoga Alliance, USA, and Yoga Alliance International. During the same period, she began the meditation practice of prof. Leonardo Vittorio Arena, professor of Eastern Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy of Urbino.

In 2007, she earned professional-level certification as an Ayurvedic Therapist and began organizing training courses for students of holistic approaches and techniques. Alessandra became a founding member of Abruzzo Mindfulness, 2007, based in the majestic sea and mountain region of Abruzzo, Italy, where one's connection between mindfulness and the natural world became a powerful source of her focus and attention. 

Continuing to study, Alessandra obtained the II level University Master in "Mindfulness: practice, clinic, and neuroscience" at the University of Roma, La Sapienza, graduating as an Instructor of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) protocols in 2017. She joined the Mindfulness Teacher in Training at UCSD School of Medicine, San Diego, California in 2019. Annually, Alessandra engages in intensive Vipassana meditation retreats and in residences of study in India. 

Alessandra lives and works in Pescara, Italy in the mentioned region of Abruzzo just near the Adriatic Sea. There she runs the Deva Center, Abruzzo Mindfulness is involved with Italia Mindfulness, and is an avid beekeeper! 

TIC Contribution

Article:  Biofilia, Mindfulness & il Loro Rapporto Con L'Ecologia Affettiv(Italian and English)