Meghan Hedley, Artist, and Owner Red Earth Wellness Way 

Meghan Hedley is a multi-passionate creative living in her dream adobe home on a high desert horse rescue ranch in New Mexico. She is a professional artist, a Chinese Medicine informed face reader, integrated life coach, and craniosacral therapist with a practice in Santa Fe. She has an online business and sales mentor, is a future Chinese Medicine Doctor, college art professor, and the owner of Red Earth Wellness Way

Meghan is a true "wearer of many hats" and a firm believer that you can and should create your thriving dream life. She was the proud companion of Bette for Beagle who passed away at 15 years old just recently in December 2021. She loves spending her time creating, walking on the red earth of the Southwest and the sand of the west coast beaches, road-tripping all around the world, and enjoying ranch life with her life and business partner Dr. Christopher Whyrick. To learn more about Meghan, her visual art and her wellness practice follow her on Instagram: @redearthwellnessway or @meghanhedleyartist 

TIC Contribution:

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