Podcast Single #4, BeReal, The Podcast


Welcome to Podcast Single #4 in which we share BeReal, The Podcast, Episode 84 on Seasonal Affective Disorder. Diana Gasperoni and Ednesha Saulsbury are the dynamic hosts of BeReal. They started recording together in March 2020 and have been busy bringing a wide variety of guests and topics to the table all within the frame of mental health.
Topics like imposter syndrome, racial trauma, yoga during pregnancy, the importance of laughter, parenting issues, couples therapy, grief, and even business marketing for therapists. They dive deep into issues affecting all of us within 2020 and beyond it. Each host brings her own expertise, humor, and tons of warmth to these interviews and topics. 
While they typically host a guest, in this episode they explore the often misunderstood Seasonal Affective Disorder. Ednesha and Diana are in conversation sharing their knowledge of and potential treatment plans for S.A.D. They do spontaneously welcome Ednesha's partner, who suffers from S.A.D., and who generously shares his personal coping strategies. 
This single episode was originally recorded in September 2021. I hope you enjoy it ~ Linda 


00:00 - 9:52 Intro and Welcome Conversation

9:52 Ednesha introduces Seasonal Affective Disorder as a form of depression

12:25 Diana references stats regarding an increase in car accidents during time changes*

13:02 10 million people in the US suffer from S.A.D. 

13:40 Symptoms Ednesha has recognized in her partner

19:23 Episode Break 

20:45 Welcomes Ednesha's partner, Aldrin - hearing his challenges and what helps 

33:00 Aldrin leaves and Diana offers her "couples therapist" intervention, Ednesha reflects on not understanding S.A.D. initially

38:20 Ednesha shares about working with clients, wrapping in questions re: seasonal shifts and that affect 

38:36 Episode Break 

40:12 Actionable Items for S.A.D. and intro to Indigo 108 via BeWell Psychotherapy 

42:46 Ednesha speaks about how she helps her clients with S.A.D. - structure, light therapy, food, supplementation, meditation, breath techniques 

45:02 Diana speaks about marking time with the sun in her office vs. home and post-pandemic life in relation to these changes

48:25 The importance of mind-body connection

 54:16 Closing 

*'Spring forward' to daylight saving time brings a surge in fatal car crashes. Deadly accidents spike 6% in week after time change. Date: January 30, 2020 Source: University of Colorado at Boulder Summary: A study of 732,000 accidents over two decades has found that the annual switch to daylight saving time is associated with a 6% increase in fatal car crashes that week. Numerous studies are found via the National Library of Medicine on both fall and spring changes and their impact on drivers and accident rates. 

Check their bio pages to learn more about Diana Gasperoni and Ednesha Saulsbury