Our fifth Podcast Single is from Vanessa Cornell's, The Nushu Podcast. 

In this episode, Vanessa sits down with New York Times Bestselling Author, Rob Bell. They discuss his profound and deeply personal new book, “Everything Is Spiritual: Who We Are and What We're Doing Here,” and touch on anything and everything related to how to navigate the human condition, how we approach the big questions, and how we ultimately attempt to make sense of it all.


They explore thought-provoking topics including how to reconcile your spirituality with organized religion, the ego, forgiveness, and the creative process. They also talk about NUSHU Group, and our collective need, desire, and craving as human beings to feel seen and heard.


We found this interview, recorded in July 2021, insightfully inspiring. I hope you enjoy it ~Linda 


00:00 - Intro to the podcast

1:53 - 5:11 Discussion about his book, Everything is Spiritual, how it came to be, and how his grandma sitting in silence with him in "wordless grace" helped shape his life

05:11 He shares, "Honestly, that’s where I found everybody. We all are born into these dramas. It is like we stumbled into the play in the second act….The universal is hiding in the particulars."

06:12 Rob on how the experience of vulnerability is most often an unconscious state 

06:55 - Vanessa shares how they met and her being inspired by his walking away from success

08:32 - A look at life as seasons ~ the model we are handed in life, and how we can choose to walk away from conventional wisdom and form our own model

10:40 - 13:20 ...as related to organized religion and in reimagining what it is to be together

13:20 - 15:00 On forgiveness

15:01 On the ego and how it helps us

16:48 - 17:58  Actions, attitudes, and atmosphere: where the ego lives within those three phases

19:37 On giving sermons Rob began to understand that big shifts may happen in quiet spaces

20:50 - 26:40 On practices for creativity and what is the creative force within? Joy is a guide

26:41 Is the world waking up or is it dying? A look at the many systems that are not serving us

29:30 The great unmasking as how we get to the bottom of the wound

30:20 Great changes come out of difficult life experiences

31:51 End of interview and outro


Check contributor bios to learn more about Vanessa Cornell and Rob Bell.