Therapist Retreat

The therapist retreats are 3-day immersions in working from a Systems Informed Bodymind Therapy point of view with a limited number of 12 participants. The therapist retreat is a time to deepen the hand skills and receive personalized feedback from peers and the instructor as well as an opportunity to receive the work as well. The retreats will be three full days of contact and education, culminating in a celebratory group dinner. The therapist retreats will be full days so participants are encouraged to arrive the day before the retreat and not leave until the day after the retreat.

Structure of the Retreat:

In the mornings of the retreats, there will be a paper or discussion presented on a particular topic related to SIBT as well as a follow up group discussion. In the afternoon, the participants will be divided into 3 or 4 groups and do "round-robin" style treatments on each other under supervision from the course instructor. As part of the round robin treatments, on each day each participant will have the opportunity to be lead therapist, assistant therapist, and client on the table. 

Therapist retreats are available to any participant who has attended an SIBT training. Since development of clinical skill is an ongoing lifelong process, participants are encouraged to even attend multiple times, particularly as completion of the online module portions of the upper level SIBT classes.

Price of Retreats:

The course fee for the therapist retreats located in Carmel, CA and Santa Fe, NM will be $400. That fee covers the cost of the retreat and does not cover the cost of lodging or meals outside retreat hours during that time. There will be light snacks and drinks provided during the retreat for refreshment.

Currently, the next therapist retreat is scheduled for Fall 2022 in Los Angeles area. In 2023, we will see therapist retreats in CA and in Albuquerque, NM. Dates to be decided soon. The price of those locations might be higher in order to cover cost of instructor travel and lodging. If you are interested in hosting an SIBT therapist retreat in your area, please send us an email at [email protected]

Dates for Upcoming Therapist Retreats:

  • Next therapist retreat is scheduled for October 14-16, 2022 in Pacific Palisades (Los Angeles area). To register, click here or access through the Store at the top menu.