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Tracy Laval BFA, RMT, CST-T, DOMP

publication date: Jul 16, 2018



Tracy Laval, BFA, RMT, CST-T, DOMP


Tracy works with clients, in person, in her private practice in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  She is passionate about helping men, women and babies with their face, head, neck and mouth problems.   

Men and women come to her for help with their jaw pain, headaches, migraines, concussions and tension in their face, head, neck and shoulders. Moms bring their babies in for help with their latch, tongue tie rehabilitation and other breastfeeding problems.

Tracy loves the art and elegance of gentle bodywork. She works with your body in a fluid, intuitive and skillful way that feels good and gets practical results.

Tracy is passionate about learning, creativity, and cooperative collaboration. She is an advanced bodyworker with over 6000 hours of bodywork training. She has a diploma in European style Manual Osteopathy and a diploma in Massage Therapy.  She is a certified Craniosacral Therapist from the Upledger Institute and she has a degree from the University of British Columbia for Fine Arts with a major in Design and Technical Theatre.


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