Uduak Udondem, Birth Doula, Arvigo practitioner, pregnancy massage therapist
Uduak Udondem is empowering women on their journey to wellness and balance. Her holistic practice based in London, England began with her work as a Birth Doula in 2006, supporting women to deliver their babies into this world safely and confidently.
Her doula services provide continuous support and knowledge to inform mothers on how to have a healthy pregnancy, safe labour, birth, and beyond.  Uduak's role is to remind the pregnant mother of her power, the strength she holds in her birth journey, the challenges she could face, and how to best manage those successfully. She gradually began to combine other therapies in her doula work including, offering pregnancy massage, Arvigo abdominal techniques, womb therapy, and yoni steaming. Each service she offers is uniquely tailored to encompass the individual journey and needs of each client.
The importance of these therapies and how powerful they are in enhancing our human experience of womanhood and motherhood is unique to each woman in her lifecycle. They encourage relaxation, healing, cleansing, connecting, and nurturing the body.
Uduak is passionate and excited to see and hear women grow more confident, embracing their journey while gaining a better understanding and appreciation of her body, wellness, and new life cycles.
To learn more about Uduak and her work, visit her website, uduak.co.uk/
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