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CST & Reflexology

Price: $25.00

Accessing the cranium through the feet

This will be an introduction to the skills and uses of reflexology in the CST setting. At times, it is possible and important to be able to access cranial structures through reflexology means, especially if contacting those structures themselves are contraindicated touch. Applications include autism, learning disability, and also an important way to add to the positive experience of the client in the clinical setting.

Reflexology works on the theory that different areas on the feet correspond to different areas of the body. All the organs and systems of the body are reflected on the feet, included in this is the craniosacral system. Reflexology can have an effect on all these structures; the membrane system, the fluids, the bones and the fascia which radiates out from the membrane system to all parts of the body.

Find out how the body is reflected on the feet, where to find specific structures including; cranial sutures, occipital cranial base, spheno-basilar synchondrosis, individual cranial nerves, spinal vertebrae, sacrum and coccyx. Watch a demonstration on how some of the reflexes can be massaged to help rebalance the structures they reflect through the feet. Take away a fun and relaxing method that will add to your tool box and your clients will love.

Presented by: Xanthe Ashton Cst-D