Systems Informed Therapy: The Mind

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Client description of SIBT: Systems informed bodymind therapy (SIBT) is an integrated therapy for the body, mind, and spirit. It is gentle, non-invasive, client-centered, and works to improve both physical health as well as mental/emotional health.


SIBT: The Mind follows the Body course and builds off the foundation begun in the body. Specifically, SIBT: The Mind expands upon the Regional Epicenter (REpC) concept introduced with the physical body systems to begin working with phenomena usually associated with the mind: memories, thoughts, emotions, and experiences. Special attention is paid in the course to incorporate trauma-informed practice, highlighting the distinction between chair work and table work, and the concurrent ethics that follow each. The overall foundation of the SIBT model continues with an eye towards the next class in the series, SIBT: The Spirit.


Prerequisite: Must have successfully completed SIBT: The Body

Next Cohort begins October 2024