Systems Informed Therapy: The Spirit/Soul

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The Spirit is the next class of the Systems-Informed curriculum. It builds off the foundations of CSWCD, The Body, and The Mind to incorporate the transpersonal into the treatment setting. The framework begun in The Mind of building a fluid and flexible relationship to one's personal timeline will be continued in The Spirit/Soul as we develop skills at helping a client work within their past and their future. Emphasis will be placed on attachment, trauma, existential, and positive growth frameworks as well as providing models of transpersonal growth and development. The Spirit/Soul class does not claim any one particular ontological framework, but rather helps a practitioner clarify their personal framework and develop the skills to facilitate clients in clarifying and developing their personal existential growth.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of The Mind and competency with the material of all previous classes.

Next Cohort begins October 2023