Therapist Retreat - Albq, NM Sept, 14-16, 2023

$ 550.00



The therapist retreats are a time for participants studying a systems-informed approach to therapy to deepen hands-on skills, receive personalized feedback from peers and the instructor, as well as an opportunity to receive the work. Therapist retreats can be done at any time, but are usually recommended upon completion of one of the online modules. The retreats are 3-days in length with a limited number of 5 participants.

The structure of the retreats will be 3 full days of contact and education. In the mornings of the retreats, there will be a paper or teaching presented on a particular topic related to SIBT and a follow-up group discussion. In the afternoon, the participants will be divided into groups and do "round-robin" style treatments on each other under supervision from the course instructor. The therapist retreats will be full days, so participants are encouraged to arrive the day before the retreat and not leave until the day after the retreat. Students are welcome to attend the therapist retreat at any time during their education, or even multiple times, but are encouraged to attend a retreat towards the end of the self-paced information, so they can receive feedback and mentorship on the skills contained in this course.

Prerequisite: Must be enrolled in the SIBT curriculum.

Participants: 5