Monica Hamer, CST-T and founder Crisis Support Therapy Partners

Monica Salazar Hamer is a respected figure in alternative healing, integrating CranioSacral Therapy with other therapeutic modalities to address areas beyond the scope of traditional medicine. Her private practice, Mirashift Therapy, has steadily grown in the Dallas metroplex, recently expanding into a larger, serene space. This expansion allows Monica to mentor fellow CranioSacral therapists within her clinic.

Beginning her CranioSacral therapy journey in 2004 with the Upledger Institute International (UII), Monica's dedication to her field is evident in her ongoing advanced training. She is a Techniques Certified CranioSacral Therapist and Certified Teaching Assistant with UII. Her commitment to learning underscores her intention for the well-being of all her clients.

In 2022, Monica’s pioneering venture was founding Crisis Support Therapy Partners (CST Partners), a Texas 501c3 nonprofit. This initiative supports the role of alternative therapies in post-trauma recovery after school shootings and now operates service clinics offering CranioSacral therapy in Uvalde, Texas, and Nashville, TN.

Her clinical expertise and educational leadership make her a key figure in both the therapeutic and academic circles of CranioSacral therapy. Monica emphasizes the mind-body connection and advocates for a holistic approach to health. Her methods create a secure, trusting environment for clients at Mirashift Therapy and participants of CST Partners.

A Texan, mother to three young adults, and resident of Dallas with her husband, Monica is known for her joyful spirit and nurturing personality. Her work at Mirashift Therapy and CST Partners enriches the communities she serves, demonstrating her commitment to both individual and collective well-being.

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Finding Wholeness After Trauma: The Role of Alternative Therapies in Healing School Shooting Survivors