Bodymindspirit Podcast


Bodymindspirit Podcast

The bodymindspirit podcast is available for the public about many topics related to bodymindspirit integration.

We want to play a positive and proactive role in elevating the conversation of body, mind, spirit integration theory, and practice. 


Podcast Singles

The Idea Crucible values progressive voices from established and new platforms. It can take a lot of time to seek out and find new podcasts, so we are opening our ears on your behalf and keeping our eyes on topics related to body-mind-spirit integration to share within this new section of the site, Podcast Singles.

In Podcast Singles, we will share a single episode from a variety of podcasts we adore, eventually building a small library in an aggregate model.

Our goal is to introduce you to progressive and emerging people you may not have found yet, with topics that will hopefully spark your curiosity, move your spirit, and engage your intellect. 

Our hope is to introduce many, many voices to our audience sharing a wide range of perspectives and experiences from practitioners and therapists worldwide. We hope you enjoy, Podcast Singles:  


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