Our first Podcast Single is from Alyssa Benjamin’s, Our Nature Podcast.  

Alyssa interviews Andrea Cortez, MM, MT-BC who is a board-certified Music Therapist, sound artist, and sound meditation instructor and founder of Mind Body Music Center with the mission to promote music’s inherent therapeutic and healing qualities. 

In this single episode from Our Nature podcast titled, “The Healing Power of Sound With Music Therapist Andrea Cortez”, Andrea shares how her Mexican heritage shaped her future, explores the benefits of sound therapy on the physical and emotional body, invites a quick exercise that uses vowels to calm our bodies, as well as discusses the mathematical difference between noise and sound.

We found this interview, recorded in March 2020, powerfully informative. I hope you enjoy it! ~Linda



0:00 to 8:52 includes Alyssa's introduction, reflections on the moment, and guest feedback

minute 8:52 begins the episode interview with Andrea

minute 21:25 the difference between sound and music therapy

minute 26:25 benefits of sound therapy

minute 30:39 an exercise using your own voice to calm you

minute 39:46 music as beneficial to our evolution as a species 

minute 47:25 music and nature and math

minute 50:15 we are nature 

minute 58:08 difference between music and noise - Stravinsky's Rite of Spring riot

minute 01:01:16 playing music with plants 

Read their bio pages to learn more about Alyssa Benjamin and Andrea Cortez.