Our sixth Podcast Single from Lauren Williams', Imperfectly Phenomenal Woman podcast is titled, "Imposter Syndrome: You Have(n’t) Accomplished Enough for Recognition"

Lauren interviews Tameka Young, founder of the National Association for Kidpreneurs. In this single episode, Tameka shares how she defines success, talks about saying "no" when others don't offer you what you're worth, and reflects on the pressure to post accomplishments on social media for them to be considered real. 

We found this interview, recorded in February 2022, extremely relatable. I hope you enjoy it! ~Linda



0:00 - 1:43 It is okay not to be perfect. We are reframing the unrealistic expectations we have been taught to live up to. Taking a journey, together, toward self-discovery, self-acceptance, and purposeful action 

1:43 Tameka shares what is bringing her joy and what she is accomplishing within 2022 in her multiple businesses 

3:04 Tameka on why she chose imposter syndrome as her topic to discuss today

5:00 How our accepting jobs that don’t pay well may be an aspect of imposter syndrome or not recognizing the value of our work 

7:58 In accepting work that pays low, Tameka reviews her goals with a wider perspective 

10:05 Before and after turning down a bad offer, Tameka felt bad before saying no, but good after saying no and the importance of recognizing one's own responsibility in this process of accepting or declining low pay work 

10:36 On recognition and accomplishments as connected to the opinions of others 

13:18 Tameka reflects on her Moms protective parenting and expectations about her success, as an influence in forming her self worth through the morals and values her Mom imparted

15:33 Lauren shares also about her Mom’s parenting care and they exchange about their Mom’s oversight in how they dressed, on their hair, and how they interacted socially 

17:35 What does success look like as an adult? 

19:30 The thought to close the doors on a business and the relationship of that to imposter syndrome 

20:18 Tameka outlines the model of Kidpreneur which by its nature requires external funding in order to offer a free program for accessibility, yet in order to receive funding she needs to show the impact through participant numbers. While the numbers were low, she almost closed, but for the opinion of others that the work she does is making a big difference in the lives of their children and how that kept her going 

22:35 How social media adds pressure in relationships, in friendships, in our accomplishments, and is part of one’s resume begging the question, is it real if it isn’t on social media? 

29:25 On Tameka’s work with children through her group, Kidpreneurs. Do you see imposter syndrome coming up for kids? 

31:41 In talking about the term accomplishment - it can be attached to finances, or can be attached to a valuable experience, what about defining accomplishment for ourselves? Using our imaginations to create a vision for our work and lives. Tameka uses vision boards in her work with Kidpreneurs 

36:06 Your feet won’t go where your mind hasn’t taken you 

37:00 Lauren walks Tameka through reframing her limiting belief to fit within her reality

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