Tina Foster, Podcast: Body & Culture Convos,
Movement & Meditation Teacher, Somatic & Transformational Coach 
Tina Foster is a Movement & Meditation Teacher, Somatic Worker & Transformational Coach who also does creative and consulting work. She works at the intersection of Body & Culture + Practice & Life which her site FosterandFlourish wholeheartedly celebrates. Tina's path is trauma-sensitive, healing-centered with her compass oriented toward liberation. Tina’s healing journey began in mid-’80s, Athens, GA where she found yoga as a way to work with her trauma-related anxiety. She taught her first classes in (former) Czechoslovakia in the early ’90s.  
Tina believes meditative movement (including inner movement) is a powerful force for change. For decades, her work has prioritized slowing down and getting curious in the forms of conscious rest, body-based meditation/self-inquiry, and open exploration. She creates for the people she serves, including in-person curated experiences, the podcast, "Body & Culture Convos", digital courses and retreats, and physical products, including a mudra card deck using photographs of her own hands. 
Tina is very influenced by her personal experience, what she has come to know through senses and actions. She is influenced by many teachers, more recently Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, (the late) Emilie Conrad, and Resmaa Menakem who inspired her to start a somatic study group for white people that practices the exercises found within his book, "My Grandmother’s Hands". Tina is grateful for the opportunity to steep in, be carried by, and share embodied wisdom with others.