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When They Laugh

publication date: Oct 3, 2017
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by Sarah Bigham, Artist and Author


     Thanks to Lori Leitzel Rice for inviting me to contribute my patient-focused perspective on practitioner communication. Lori is my CranioSacral massage therapist and a dear friend who has seen me through the worst times of my life. I am forever grateful for CranioSacral techniques as well as Lori’s wonderful, listening hands.

     My name is Sarah and I am a chronic pain warrior. I wish a support group existed for people like me, held in a location down the block (car travel makes me flare) with squishy furniture (the only kind I can sit on comfortably, and even then for a maximum of 30 minutes), multiple bathrooms (I have interstitial cystitis, among a host of other things, and those of us with this condition always feel like we have to pee), and maybe donuts (although only a few of us could eat them given the number of special diets chronic pain patients are advised to follow). I would like to be surrounded by others with unrelenting pain, to feel connected to a fellowship of sufferers whose daily victories of staying alive and getting out of bed are remarkable accomplishments. I want us to be able to gather, a logistical impossibility due to the fickle nature of chronic pain, leaving us without the ability to plan activities as we never know if today will be a “good” day or a bad day, with good days being relative.

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