Welcome to the blogs at TIC! Although all bogs are informative and valuable, some of our blogs are geared more for the general public and some are geared a bit more for therapists and practitioners who work with people and have a strong value of bodymindspirit integration. Please check out the below, and if are interested in becoming a contributor to our blog, please don't hesitate to contact us here . . .


Blogs geared for the public:

CranioSacral Therapy for Oncology and End of Life Support

The Link Between Meditation and Nutrition

Personalized Nutrition: A Revitalized Ancestral Trend

Come Consciente Viva Consciente (in Spanish)


Blogs geared for practitioners:

Self-care Has Never Been More Important

Clients Feeling Powerless or Hopeless (Video presentation)

The Process of Therapy: Input, Integration, Output

Depletion & Chronic Depletion

(Guest Blog) Significance of Objective Assessments for Treatment Outcomes

Positive and negative functioning Part 1

Bodymind resilience

Wasabi and non-typical states of consciousness


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