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Irit Schaffer P.T.

publication date: May 14, 2018



Irit Schaffer P.T.

Irit Schaffer is the daughter of Holocaust survivors, born in Israel, raised in Canada and a resident of California. In her San Francisco physical therapy office, clients come away with far more than a physical therapy treatment. Mind and spirit are also transformed as a process of self-healing she calls having “good blood.”

Her new book, “Good Blood, A Journey of Healing,” tells the story of her awakening to the power of positive thought and the connection of mindset to our physical and emotional wellbeing. From her childhood fascination with her father’s tale of healing from six gunshot wounds during the war to her own instinctive defiance of pessimistic medical prognoses, Irit’s journey reveals a grateful and increasingly compassionate understanding of her roots as her keen intuitive gifts come to light.

Today, Irit’s physical therapy practice is an embodiment of those values as she integrates a variety of energy modalities - including craniosacral, myofascial and visceral therapies – with vivid storytelling and deep listening. She activates healing with these real life parables, gently exposing the human condition and offering a pathway of self-acceptance that is as subtle – and profound - as her adjustments of the subtle energies. In tandem, whether voiced or unspoken, her work helps remove energetic blocks expressed as self-sabotaging behaviors, pain and other frustrations. Her intuitive gifts heal and humanize and generously share her knowing of forgiveness, joy, heartbreak and the power of good blood.


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